Peacock Family - Haylage Makers

The Peacock family have been farming at the village of Leake near Thirsk North Yorkshire for over 70 years. We all work together as a team to bring you the best haylage, hay and straw, in all shapes, sizes and grades.

Leake is a very special farm & one church! Anyone travelling south down the A19 at night will know our floodlit church. The church serves the neighbouring villages and is amazingly vibrant; there are well-attended services at the church nearly every week.

Farming is a lifestyle we love, trying to make the most of all the land we farm and the weather conditions to match. Every year is a challenge that we embrace to bring you the best possible haylage, hay and straw.

Trends change and we try to keep up by growing specialist grasses that suit the current equestrian market. Our grass crops are short term to keep them healthy and "clean".

We select the best straw possible to bale up into small and large bales, each variety and size suiting a different equestrian and livestock market.

Supplying haylage, hay, straw & bedding for the equestrian market.

We have had plenty of practice over the last 20 years of producing what we think is possibly some of the best haylage you could find, being delivered daily into large and small equestrian yards in the UK and Europe.

So we grow it, cut it and pack it, and our lovely animals eat it!

Making Haylage at leake in North Yorkshire